Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kindergartners know how to subtract!?

Just going to leave some pictures here of some of the kids working together to make equations. They would count out a certain number of cubes and then place them under a bucket. Then they would take away or subtract one of the cubes from the bucket and predict and count how many were left. Then they practiced the formal equation to explain what they did. I just have to say...I was SO impressed with how quickly this group is understanding addition and subtraction equations. They are some smart cookies!

KH and MR wrote out 10-1=9

OH and JW figuring out what 5-1 was.

The owl put 10 cubes under the bucket and then took one away.
(I really want her hat)

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes!

Here is our calendar this month. Each day during Number Corner, the children turn and talk to a partner about what shape they might see that day. Will it be a 2-D shape or a 3-D shape? Flat or Solid? The suspense is overwhelming. After they share their thoughts and explain their thinking, we all do a dramatic drumroll and voila! We reveal the card. Today we got a brown square...but something was a little different with this square. Some students offered their observations:
"It's a diamond!"
"It's turned."
"It's tilted!"

This led us to a riveting debate around whether or not it was still a square. Can a square be tiled and still be a square? The consensus was yes, it is still a square.

Notice the 55 on our calendar marker. This is because today is our 55th day in school! WOW.

Now I'll bring your attention to this part of the board:

This is where we sort out different shapes we have shared in the classroom. Children are bringing in shapes from home and sharing them at morning meeting. You can see it, but there are two starbursts in the 3-D section as we identified them as "rectangular prisms." Have your child bring in a shape share!

And finally, though it is hard to read, here is where we have been comparing shapes. "How is a square and a cube alike? How are they different?" The students come up with ideas and I write them down. 

So. Many. Shapes.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

3-D Shapes

This week we started learning about 3-D shapes during Number Corner. Each day of the calendar either has a 2-D shape or a 3-D shape which has led us to discuss the similarities and differences between them. This week we talked about square vs. cube and circle vs. spheres. To take this exploration further, we got to play with play dough on Friday and create our own spheres and then smush them down into circles! In Kindergarten we also refer to these as solid (3-D) and flat (2-D) shapes. Here are some pictures of our fun:

This table was proud of their spheres.

JD flattened his sphere to make a circle

JW's sphere

Mystery Reader

This past week, we had  our first "Mystery Reader" come in and surprise the class with a new book about dinosaurs. I wrote up 4 clues on the board and the children made guesses about who it must be. 

It was good process of elimination practice, as students were guessing siblings at first, but then some realized that couldn't be right once they got to #4. These clues got the children very excited about who might walk through the door.

Our Mystery Reader was....

Ms. Inga! She read a great book about bringing pet dinosaurs to school. The kids had a great time naming the different dinos on each page.

Thank you, Ms. Inga!