Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Gnome and Fairy Book

To end our year, we have been busy wrapping up our non-fiction writing unit by writing a class informational book on fairies, gnomes, and the magical woods of Eden. Here is a sneak preview to this AMAZING book.

LT: Fairies spread dust with its wings.

MR: If you hurt a fairy, then they will turn invisible.

JD: Frogs eat fairies. (Who knew!?)

KH: Our "All About Gnomes" chapter title.

JW: The gnome looks like this.

KM: Gnomes wear red pointy hats.

NB: Gnomes have green pants.

IS: Our gnome's name is ZooWinkle.

OH: Gnomes are tricky.

JA: Gnomes do tricky things. Gnomes drink Isabella's chocolate milk and Ori's soda.

A First Grade Mystery Reader!

We had a friend from first grade come in and read to us today. Her clues were: I like to dance. I like to sing. My favorite color is pink. My favorite subject is PE. This mystery reader is the sister of one of our kindergartners. He guessed her right away. She did an amazing job reading this silly book to the class.

They were riveted. 

Our June Calendar

Our math curriculum, Bridges, does not have a pre-made June calendar so we decided to make our own! Check out the unique ways the children represented the numbers! Such amazing mathematicians :)

OH: Addition Equations!

LG: Using Ten Frames!

IS: Addition and subtraction equations

HF: Word problem-"Mom had 10 mountain goats and she wanted 1 turtle." (How many animals?)

LF: Drew out the number with cats.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week

Since I never posted about Dr. Seuss week, here are some pictures of the fun we had!

On Monday, we read "Cat in the Hat," and created our own cats in hats to help us practice the -at word family!

On Monday, we also did math with gold fish and made equations after reading "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish."

On Tuesday, we had a special guest reader (my mom) come in to read "Green Eggs and Ham."

Then, we actually got to taste green eggs!

13 children liked it and only 1 did not.

On Wednesday we dressed up pretty wacky for "Wacky Wednesday" and drew ourselves. We also had a picnic snack on our rug:

It was definitely a wacky day.

On Thursday, we read "Fox and Socks" and made fox puppets that ate words that rhymed with fox!

On Friday, we read "Hop on Pop" and ate popcorn to watch the "Cat in the Hat" movie.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The children celebrated St. Patrick's Day by planning and building leprechaun traps on Thursday afternoon. Here are some of their traps:

We used hollow blocks

Ms. Crystal found gold for us to bait the leprechauns with.

Watch out...there are some Lucky Charms under those cones...


This activity served as a great writing prompt for them the next day:

In math, we even sorted Lucky Charms and made a graph of the different marshmallows!

And yes...the kids got to eat them after :)