Monday, September 19, 2016

Gnome Sighting

We went to the woods and the kids found some interesting things in their fairy houses today...

"There was fairy dust." (KH)

"I looked in my fairy house and I saw a bunch of fairy dust!" (DB)

"LT found a gnome in his house."(NB)

"OH and I noticed when we first got to the fairy houses, we circled up. Then we went to my house and there was fairy dust." (MR)

"I found a pile of cheese that was on my fairy house. The fairies were eating cheese." (JW). 

"We found the fairy dust. It looked like sprinkles. It was white and looked like diamonds. It also felt like diamonds." (KM, IS, HF, and JA)

It was definitely from a fairy because fairies have dust on their wings. (NB)

"I thought it was treasure at first." (MR)

"At first I thought the fairy dust was dead little fleas. The fairy dust was in my bath tub for the fairies!" (OH)

"I gave JW a seashell. It fell off and I picked it up for him." (JD)

So there you have it. LT found a gnome in his house and it was clear that many of the houses were visited by fairies. It was truly a magical day. Tomorrow we will write in our journals about it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

4th Grade Book Buddies

 Here are some pictures of today's Book Buddy time. This was their first time reading with their 4th grade reading buddies and it went so well! This group LOVES books.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Some New Math Games

Here is a peak into some of our new math games:

"Spill The Beans" 
The children can play this game by themselves or in partners. They have five plastic beans in a container. One side of the bean is red and the other side is white. When they drop the beans on the table, the child must count how many red ones they see and then write that number on their sheet. The first person with all of one number written down wins! This game works on their number writing, but also helps the children see that one number can be broken into parts. For example, even though there are 5 beans, there are 2 red ones and 3 white ones. That makes 5.

 "Domino Parking Lot"
The students in my math group today got to play this new game. Children pull dominos out of the bin and count how many dots there are. Then they have to place it in the correct parking spot that has the number written on it. This helps them work on number recognition, as well as recognizing dice patterns 1-6 without having to count them.

Where the Wild Things are

This week we got into the woods to begin our fairy house building. Here are just some of the results.

After our trek out, the children "wrote" about what they did.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Some New Class Pets

We found a grasshopper friend this week out on the playground!

I said we could keep him as a class pet for a while and the children searched the playground, finding items that would make him feel more at home in his container. They contributed grass, twigs, stones, pine cones and leaves.

Amazingly, the next day, there was a cricket found in 3rd grade! We added him to our container to be a friend to our grasshopper. At one point, the entire class went silent as we listened to the cricket chirping away during reading time. The children have been so gentle and curious about these new creatures. Maybe next week, we will do a little research one what these insects need and give them some names!